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Luxury Resort Hotel James Street Brisbane








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Great hotels have stories that go beyond providing a bed for the night – they offer moments of discovery, unexpected adventures, encounters to be savoured and retold.
Once upon a time on James Street ...

A Day Begins

It’s the breeze from my balcony that puts tropical lanais in my dreams, but no hammock ever had this thread count.

Last night’s plan for a morning run has ebbed – the call of the pool is louder, more persuasive. Can I tell myself I did laps, if I pushed no harder than a glide and mostly gazed at the palms and sky? A platter of fruit poolside, and the day has begun with all the virtue it needs.

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Luxury Accommodation James Street Brisbane
Luxury Accommodation James Street Brisbane

Time to Wander

There’s more to this place than the poolside vibe. My wandering takes in an amphitheatre, a grand room, cosy rooms for private dining and the library – a perfect place to linger, work or to just exhale. A place where stories can pause, or pivot.

I’m not moving in a hurry and the next decision is easy: fitness centre before day spa. First the burn, then the reward.

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The Segue to SiestaHour, and Beyond

Where were we? My massage set me down on a cloud, which became a cabana with a poolside cocktail. Still a dream? Maybe. Nobody pinch me. I don’t want to wake from this. At least not until I've followed the breeze down the staircase to the boutiques that are waiting under the white-brick archways.

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James Street Fortitude Valley

The Stars Come Out

Night falls, Hellenika makes the fresh produce the hero and conjures flavours that transport me. Yamas - Cheers

The Lobby Bar summons for a nightcap, among its usual assortment of regulars and travellers and faces you know from somewhere (though it’s impolite to stare). New chapters begin.

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Luxury Accommodation James Street Brisbane